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We Work With YOU:
We help people in need-- people with criminal backgrounds, people with disabilities, seniors, veterans and military families, youth, people re-entering the workforce, people changing careers and any other person who might be unemployed. We partner with local agencies and businesses to bring people and resources together.
How it Works:
The main function of our program is to help people develop an effective job search strategy that leads to employment. Clients search our job boards and online to find and apply for job openings in the community.  We train people on how to use a computer and we also have people who work on their independent GED program-- they do lessons and take assessments. We are here to serve as tutors and much more. We help people improve their resumes or even make one for them. Most companies require a resume before anything else!
Clients at the Job Connection Center can create email accounts, resumes and cover letters, review our community job postings and referral board, search and apply to jobs online, seek guidance in interview preparation, career exploration, as well as learn about training and other opportunities available in Central Oklahoma.
Sometimes personal and family needs, or even the difficulties of everyday life can keep people from finding and keeping employment. At Goodwill, we can provide referrals to community support services in our area.
Our clients feel comfortable in our center. They do not feel discriminated against or frowned upon and are given more personal attention. They have been able to obtain employment after receiving help with their resume, going through mock interviews and learning about available area resources. They are able to better represent themselves to potential employers.
Visit Us:
The Job Connection Centers are open Mon- Fri. 8:30am - 4:30pm. Clients can come in at any time during our operating hours to work on whatever they need.  Enrollment date is the day they come in. No appointment necessary. No cost.
This program is available at five locations in Central Oklahoma:
Ada-- 914 Arlington Circle Phone: 580-279-1743
Shawnee-- 1027 N. Harrison Ave. Phone: 405-273-2225
Enid-- 114 S. Independence Ave. Phone: 580-278-6085
Oklahoma City-- 316 S. Blackwelder Ave. Phone: 405-278-7152
Midwest City-- 6824 E. Reno Ave. Phone: 405-520-7697
North Penn.-- 2016 NW 39th St. Phone: 405-601-7196
Norman-- 2430 W. Main St. Phone: 405-701-1701
Get Involved:
People can volunteer to come into our Job Connection Centers to help others find employment. Volunteers can help teach people how to use a computer or they can become tutors for GED lessons. We have other volunteer opportunities at the Job Connection Center.
Interested? Ask us about it!



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